Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is such a happy colorful joyful day for both adults and kids. I love the Easter basket tradition because of its meaning (which goes beyond the Easter rabbit) and because of the happiness and creativity it brings. This is my first year putting together an Easter basket for my 18 months baby girl and there was so much I wanted to include. I got most of the goodies from Amazon, some from CVS pharmacy, and some from the Dollar Tree. Here is what I ended up with:

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt book
The Potty Book for girls
Love you Forever Book (A must have!)
Crayola Washable Markers
• A light up ball I got from CVS pharmacy
• A light up ring Also from CVS. They do have them on Amazon but only in a pack of 24 :/
• Bunny ears from Dollar Tree (Similar here)
• Sunglasses from Carter’s (Similar for girls here)
• Fruit snacks from Costco (Similar here)
Mother’s circus animal cookies (they are sugary but once in a while it’s okay)

For the baskets itself, I got mine from CVS for $14.99. honestly, you can find a really good one at Goodwill for a few bucks. So what if it’s second hand!
I also added little chicks for decorations that I found at a local Japanese store; I think they are so cute! Here are some similar ones on Amazon

Here are some other ideas you can choose from depending on the age or interest of your child:

• Playdoh
• Gardening tools
• Little characters (Peppa, Mickey, etc.)
• Toy cars or trains
• Jump Rope
• Puzzles
• Stuffed animal
• Sippy cup/plates/utensils
• Bubbles
• Stickers
• Hair bow for girls, bowtie for boys
• Tooth brush
• Hair brush
• Spring outfit
• Swim Suit
• Hat
• Bath toy
• Framed picture
• Goldfish
• Juice box

I hope this inspired you for your basket and that your kids will light up with joy when they receive them.

What do you include in your kids Easter basket? Please do drop me a message below.