Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is such a happy colorful joyful day for both adults and kids. I love the Easter basket tradition because of its meaning (which goes beyond the Easter rabbit) and because of the happiness and creativity it brings. This is my first year putting together an Easter basket for my 18 months baby girl and there was so much I wanted to include. I got most of the goodies from Amazon, some from CVS pharmacy, and some from the Dollar Tree. Here is what I ended up with: • Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt [Read more...]

My 18 Months Old

We went on the 18 months checkup this week and I caught myself trying to remember how she has been growing, and how what she likes or doesn’t like has changed. I did have a hard time remembering the little details. I really never want to forget how adorable she is at every age. So for this, here are some stats about my 18 months old. Stats: Weight: 29.1 lbs Height: 32 inches Likes to eat: Oatmeal Cereal Eggs Rice and yogurt or any stew we make with added yogurt [Read more...]