My 18 Months Old

We went on the 18 months checkup this week and I caught myself trying to remember how she has been growing, and how what she likes or doesn’t like has changed. I did have a hard time remembering the little details. I really never want to forget how adorable she is at every age. So for this, here are some stats about my 18 months old. Stats: Weight: 29.1 lbs Height: 32 inches Likes to eat: Oatmeal Cereal Eggs Rice and yogurt or any stew we make with added yogurt [Read more...]

Fattet Hummus Recipe

It was a rainy spring day yesterday and it made me crave this creamy garlicky yogurt chickpea dish. It is so fast and easy just follow these instructions that I will break down the only way I can follow recipes: Boil chickpeas. They need to be soaked for a few hours or overnight before they are boiled until they are tender. I usually boil and freeze chickpeas to have them ready anytime. For me, I need to do it fast; I wash and boil a can of chickpeas until they are warm tender. Bake pita [Read more...]

Hi World!

Hey! I am Stephanie and among many things, I am a wife and a first time mom to a beautiful 18 months old girl. I was born and raised in Lebanon and currently reside in Los Angeles, California. My family moved to the US in 2001. We are settled in now, however, it has been one bumpy roller coaster ride (I will leave that story for another post). I had lost hope in finding someone to spend the rest of my life with until I met my husband on a summer vacation when I went back to Lebanon for [Read more...]