Authentic Hummus Recipe

Hummus has become a very popular dish within the recent years. It is everywhere in stores now, and as a Lebanese, I feel proud. Although I do have that pride, I am a little disappointed about the authenticity of store bought hummus. For this reason, I wanted to share with you the authentic Lebanese recipe and encourage making it at home. It is really simple and easy, and you would be having better tasting hummus with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. This is how we do it and have always [Read more...]

Fattet Hummus Recipe

It was a rainy spring day yesterday and it made me crave this creamy garlicky yogurt chickpea dish. It is so fast and easy just follow these instructions that I will break down the only way I can follow recipes: Boil chickpeas. They need to be soaked for a few hours or overnight before they are boiled until they are tender. I usually boil and freeze chickpeas to have them ready anytime. For me, I need to do it fast; I wash and boil a can of chickpeas until they are warm tender. Bake pita [Read more...]